Modell GT fermee

Modell GT fermee

Developing green, light vehicles, which can be produced close to the ultimate customer, presents interesting market opportunities as well as an opportunity to reduce the total CO2 footprint. With cutting-edge technology, that is exactly what Gazelle Tech, supported by ESI Virtual Performance Solution, is working to – yet still offer mobility to all.

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  • FE-basierte Umformsimulation
  • Grafik: Richtungsabhängige Werkstoffeigenschafte von PA6-GF30
  • Integrative Simulation eines innendruckbelasteten Ausgleichsbehälters
  • Exemplary modeled patch laminate (l.) and simulation results (r.)
  • Modell GT fermee
  • Gazelle car after virtual frontal crash
  • Molds for composite parts
  • Temperature distribution for different molds
  • Systematic comparison of damage simulation and physical test
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